Making sure that your crowning glory lives up to its namesake is more than just about which shampoo to use. A multitude of different factors affects how sleek, shiny, and strong your hair is. From hair-healthy diets to scalp treatments, here are five healthy hair habits to start right now for your healthiest hair ever. 

Minimise Usage of Heat Styling Tools

Curling irons, flat irons, tongs and blow dryers are all great for creating a customised and fabulous look, but they can also leave our hair fried and frizzled. Human hair contains keratin proteins and hydrogen bonds. Heat styling tools strip our hair of its natural oils and proteins by breaking down those hydrogen bonds, causing breakage, drying and damage. This does not mean that we should ditch heat styling tools altogether—they really can give you hairstyles that aren’t achievable any other way! However, it is wise to taper their usage to a recommended frequency of thrice a week.

Life Is Not Too Short For Conditioning After Shampooing

The shampoo is designed to clean the scalp and remove excess oil, but it can also strip the scalp of important oils produced, leaving both hair and scalp dry. Conversely, the hair conditioner smooths the hair cuticle, detangles hair, and adds body. Avoiding conditioner makes our hair more prone to breakage, which can lead to the appearance of thinning hair. This is why conditioning after you shampoo is essential to having healthy, shiny hair.

Power Foods For Luscious Locks

Our furry friends aren’t the only ones whose diets affect their coat and sheet. Our luscious locks also depend on what we consume. Just like skin, the condition of our hair is an outward sign of inside health. The cells that make up each strand of hair require a regular supply of key nutrients which are protein, iron, vitamins C, A, E, omega-3, zinc & selenium, and biotin. As hair is made of protein, ensuring that we have enough protein in our diet is crucial for making our hair strong and healthy. The lack thereof will result in hair becoming dry, brittle and weak. Chicken, turkey, fish, dairy products, and eggs are excellent sources of protein along with vegetarian sources such as legumes and nuts. The correct balance of said nutrients in our diet will supply our hair with all that it needs to remain shiny, lustrous and strong.

The Right Temperature

For some people, ‘lukewarm’ isn’t exactly the preferred shower temperature. While cold showers are not ideal, lukewarm showers are the perfect in-between. The reason for this is because hot showers can cause pain and skin redness, as well as dry out our hair and scalp. The result is hair that’s brittle and more prone to breakage. To protect your hair, wash it in lukewarm water instead of hot, and rinse it with cooler water.

Healthy Scalp for Healthier Hair

Speaking of the scalp, the fifth step in reaching the pinnacle of hair health is by getting a scalp treatment. After some time, our scalp is built up with dead skin cells and dirt. A scalp treatment cleanses the scalp and enhances the growth of thicker and stronger hair. Other than that, it unclogs hair follicles, stimulates blood flow, gets rid of dandruff, and prevents hair loss.

Nourish your scalp today at La’gent by Danai while enjoying a relaxing and indulgent spa-like experience. 

The therapeutic hot stone massage is one of our specialty spa treatments that promotes deep relaxation and ease muscle stiffness. This treatment involves using flat, smooth and warm rocks placed on specific points of your body to relax tired and aching muscles.  The stones act as an extension to the hands of your therapist, as they apply light pressure through movements such as long strokes, circular motions and kneading during the session. 

Here are some benefits from getting a hot stone massage.

Relieves muscle tension and pain

Stress and tension can work its way into our  muscles and joints, manifesting itself in a form of pain and stress-induced disease like ulcers and nervous breakdown. The combination of super smooth stones heated at the right temperature, aromatherapy oils and steady pressure can relieve muscle tensions and pain.

Reduces stress and anxiety

Hot stone massage can be a helpful way for stress and anxiety relief as it promotes deep relaxation. A 2013 study by the NCBI reveals that a single session of massage therapy has a positive effect on hormones in blood that regulate blood pressure and water retention.  

Promotes sleep

beautiful young woman is sleeping in the bedroom

Poor sleep quality can disturb your thoughts, emotions and motivation. A hot stone massage can help you achieve that ultimate good night sleep that benefits your mind and body.    

Increases joint flexibility

Muscle tensions can make moving joints difficult and even painful. A hot stone massage helps relax the muscles and increase joint flexibility, making movements feel more comfortable. For people with certain joint disorders, hot stone massage may benefit them particularly well.

Boosts immunity

A scientific study showed an increase in lymphocytes after a single session of massage. Lymphocytes help white blood cells fight infection in the body.

Strengthen your infection-fighting cell as your stress melts away during a hot stone massage. Book your appointment today and enjoy the ultimate experience of relaxation.

Our heart is hard at work pumping blood throughout the human body every second of the day.

It is pumping as you talk, work out, sleep, cook, even as you are reading this piece of great article right now.

Your heart is crucial to your survival, so do not take this important organ for granted. 

I repeat, do not.

However, there is still a significant lack of knowledge about the risk factors of heart diseases among us that could lead to cardiovascular diseases such as stroke, heart attack, and abnormal heart beat.

Here are the top 3 heart-damaging habits that you should stop doing now.

Glued to screens

Sitting for hours and hours in front of a TV or computer will increase your risk of heart attack and stroke. Why? The lack of movement may affect blood levels of fats and sugars.

Here’s a tip: Instead of spending 100% of your time on the screen, you can use 50%-60% of the time for other healthier activities such as playing badminton, taking a walk at a park or picking up a new hobby. Balance is key to a  healthy life. By doing so, your health will improve in a variety of ways including reducing the risk of a heart attack.

Stressing out too much

In all honesty, everyone has stress. But science made it clear that chronic stress is extremely bad for your body because it can contribute to everything from high blood pressure to asthma to irritable bowel syndrome and more. Besides, when stress is excessive, it causes people to engage in unhealthy habits such as smoking and drinking alcohol, which will eventually damage your body.

Here’s a tip: Commit to a workout routine, eat a healthy diet and take a break when you feel stressed out. 

Uncontrolled Anger

Stuck in the traffic, spilling coffee on important documents, a remote control that does not respond and many more. These are the small issues that make most people get frustrated. Similar to stress, anger can increase your risk of a heart attack as it increases your heart rate and blood pressure.

Long-term intense anger can increase the chance of getting acute heart occlusion, which obstructs blood flow to the heart.

Here’s a tip: When you feel anger boiling up, try to calm down and identify the reason. Ask yourself if it is worth getting angry for an out-of-battery remote control? Is it really worth it to get angry at a standstill traffic and hurt your heart health? 

Sometimes, you need to own your anger.

Taking care of your heart does not have to be confusing or complicated. Incorporate these tips into your life to give yourself a better chance to enjoy a long and healthy life, free from heart diseases!

Eating well, exercising regularly, and living a healthy lifestyle are some of the most commonly known tips on getting youthful and healthy skin. While your diet and lifestyle significantly impact your skin condition, there are more steps you can take to maintain glowing and younger-looking skin. 

Stay Hydrated 

The number one secret to youthful skin – drinking enough water – is not a myth. Staying adequately hydrated keeps your skin from looking dull, saggy, and loose! While we often think that face moisturisers are sufficient to help keep our skin hydrated, what actually helps alleviate aging or dehydration symptoms isn’t moisturisation, it’s hydration. 

Protect Your Skin from the Sun

Always step out with sunscreen as the sun’s ultraviolet rays can damage your DNA cells, cause discolouration, deteriorate the collagen in your skin or worse, increase your risk of skin cancer. A clean, mineral-based SPF should be applied daily, all year round, not only to prevent premature signs of aging, but also overall skin health. 

Sound Sleep

Yet another important reason to prioritise sleep: adequate beauty sleep assists in cell turnover for restoration, detox, and collagen production. Research has shown that poor sleep quality can contribute to increased signs of skin aging like fine lines and wrinkles, so go to bed an hour earlier for #WokeUpLikeThis skin. 


Like dust on a glossy surface, the buildup of dead, surface skin cells can make even the most lustrous skin lackluster and ashy. Exfoliation is the process of removing dead skin cells that cause your complexion to appear dull and rough. Once they are removed, new skin cells can be produced. Exfoliation often provides immediate results, revealing a more glowy complexion and softer skin. 

Danai Divine Advanced Aesthetics @ Danai Wellness

Treating yourself to a Divine Aesthetics facial once every 3 – 5 weeks can benefit your skin in many ways. More than just an hour of indulgent pampering, Divine Aesthetics offers a variety of facial treatments for different skin types and cosmetic concerns performed by experienced and well-trained aestheticians to help with aging, collagen production, and skin elasticity among others.

Are you ready to say hello to younger looking skin? Get in touch today and find out how we can help your skin evolve into the best version of itself. 

Feeling burnt out? Experiencing physical pain or have recently been injured?

Wondering what you can do about it?

Oftentimes when people think of massage therapy, the farthest thing from their minds is prevention. The lack of knowledge about remedial massage therapy and its purpose has made the majority of the people associate massages with words like ‘luxury’, ‘indulgence’, or ‘pampering’. 

It is often seen as a treat that people allow themselves every few months.

Now is the time to change the way you think.

Here are 5 surprising ways a massage therapy can heal your body, mind and soul.

Soothes Anxiety And Depression

Massage therapies are known to be used for the treatment of mental and emotional problems including stress, anxiety, and depression. As it is also a relaxing technique, massage therapies may be able to help reduce tension and generate feelings of deep relaxation. Hence, releasing endorphins in your body helps you to feel happy, energised, and at ease.

Boosts Immunity

When you have high levels of stress or tend to get stressed out frequently, you are more likely to get sick more often.  Stress leads to a myriad of negative side effects such as sleep deprivation, bad diet and weakened immune system.

A massage therapy can help alleviate stress and boost the immune system’s ability to fight off bacteria and infection. 

Improves Sleep & Promotes Deep Rest

People with severe back pain appear to have issues with sleeping and experiencing pain in regular body movements every day, such as bending, sitting, and standing. A massage session can help fix the difficulty in falling asleep or tossing and staying asleep. 

Besides, it also calls for a higher quality shut-eye.

Relieves Pain

When your muscles and connective tissues become stiff, it can cause chronic pain and then limit your movement. Massage therapy can relieve the tension in your muscles and other soft tissues as it is manipulated to promote relaxation.

Helps Lowering High Blood Pressure & Improves Blood Circulation

A person with poor blood circulation can suffer from a variety of discomforts including cold hands and feet, fatigue and achiness created by an accumulation of lactic acid in the muscles.

A massage facilitates blood circulation because the pressure technique moves blood through the congested areas. 

The release of this same pressure stimulates the flow of fresh blood. The squeezing and pulling often flush the muscles with lactic acid and increase the circulation of the lymph fluid that eliminates metabolic waste from the muscles and internal organs, resulting in lower blood pressure and improved function of the body.

The Takeaway

People should be aware of the power and reaping the medicinal benefits that massages have to offer. Massage therapies have no long or short-term side effects. It is also a great way to improve your health and quality of life.

Visit Danai Spa today to have a massage with our best masseurs today!