Perfectionists portray personal qualities of perfectionism that give them the desire to make great efforts on achieving excellence and constantly developing through self-improvement.

It is safe to say many of us are perfectionists by our own right. 

Perfectionists give all their best, and pour in a superabundant amount of effort to achieve the target that was set at a high standard. 

What drives them to do so is plainly just their passion for excellence that motivates them to extract that extra bit out of them for their work.

It’s understandable to make sure whatever you do is going to be absolutely amazing but you’re setting the bar way too high and it’s getting harder to function, right? 

Your mental and your physical wellbeing is important.

Here are some suggestions you can do to pause for a moment and recharge.

Get something to eat and drink some water

You’re not going to be able to get much work done when you have no fuel. 

No energy = no work done. 

Plus, when you have no food in your body, you’ll lose concentration. Set an alarm if you have to remind yourself to get food if you lose track of time. While you’re at it, drink some water. Rehydrate those tired muscles and cool your body down.

Get some sleep

It’s quite obvious why you should rest. Just like eating and rehydrating, not sleeping enough will make you lose concentration and memory. Not only that but your immune system gets compromised and you’d have no defence against diseases.

Take a shower

You probably have been working really hard and you might have not showered in a while so take a relaxing shower. Feel more refreshed and energised after a shower. Plus, if you happen to own a bathtub, draw yourself a bath. You deserve it.

Get a massage

It’s a great way to relieve all the built-up stress and tension in your body. When your body is relaxed, so does your mind because it helps release the endorphins, the chemical responsible for relieving stress and pain. A massage also helps reduce the levels of anxiety and depression so it’s a win-win situation.

The Takeaway

People often treat perfectionism as a positive trait, and it is even seen as complementation. The dedication that drives people towards perfection has no doubt forced them to achieve new heights, but on the other hand, there is a downside for practicing the quality of perfectionism that no one has ever been aware of. 

The quality of perfectionism turns bad when someone worries too much about making mistakes or setting unrealistic goals. 

Hey perfectionists, take some of the suggestions mentioned above on how to pause your brain when needed.

Valentine’s Day is the day that reminds us of what’s important and to show appreciation to the people we love. It is the day when we take that golden opportunity to propose or tell our loved ones how we feel about them. Many of us have overlooked the fundamental structures of relationships and pay more attention to material things. Improving relationships can be as simple as just showing small expressions of love and appreciation. For this reason, Valentine’s Day offers a great chance to recommit to truly appreciating and loving each other. 

Here are our 5 picks of fun activities to do on Valentine’s Day: 

Take a couple spa treatment together

If you’re going to make things a little more serious, look no further than going for a couple spa. Having a couple spa will do the trick just as well as having a romantic dinner date with flowers and chocolates. Spa retreats could possibly be the perfect place to amplify the romance between you and your loved ones, as well as giving you the benefits of selfcare from the massages. 

Dress up in your finest attire 

It doesn’t matter how you are going to celebrate your Valentine’s Day, whether or not you’re going out for a fancy dinner. It is a special day for the both of you to leave everything behind and dress up in your finest attire. Looking your best will definitely make the occasion special!

Plan an unforgettable weekend getaway 

From romantic city escapades to relaxing beach vacations, you will not go wrong with a special getaway with your loved ones. Make this special day your perfect occasion with plenty of wow-factor with a fun and exciting getaway!

Spend quality time with your loved one

Simplicity is the ultimate sophistication, it is not necessary to celebrate Valentine’s Day in a fancy way. Sometimes, things can be as simple as making time for your loved ones, getting them involved in your day and spending quality time together. Avoid distractions from your phone, pay great attention to your loved ones to make ‘growth’ in your relationship. The quality of attention your loved ones give you is the key to experience the ‘heartfelt connection’, the most beautiful and powerful ‘loving bond’.

Spend the Valentine’s Day with your friends 

Valentine’s Day is not necessarily all about romance or just for lovers; many people actually spend their Valentine’s Day with friends. Whether or not one is single or just not into hyping Valentine’s Day that much with their loved ones, Valentine’s Day is the day where people show love to the people who mean the most to them, showing appreciation for their love and care.  

How will you be celebrating your Valentine’s Day? Share with us in the comment section below!

The immune system is essential for human survival. Its main purpose is to defend the body from infectious chemicals, germs, and changes in cells that may make you sick. Without the immune system, you would be constantly falling ill. 

The immune system works by recognising the difference between your body’s cells and ‘alien’ cells and destroying any of the latter that could be potentially harmful. 

Protecting Your Body

As you come into contact with germs from pets, other individuals, and your environment all the time, a healthy and properly functioning immune system lets you go through your daily routine. 

Without a healthy immune system, you could pick up pathogens and infectious diseases more easily, and the consequences could be severe or even fatal. 

The first line of protection for your body is its physical barriers. 

If viruses and bacteria manage to penetrate these barriers, there are specialised cells that will spring into action.

For one, the white blood cells in your bloodstream and main areas of your body can kill and destroy the viruses and bacteria they encounter.

However, there are also times, such as when one has hay fever or autoimmune conditions, when your immune system may overreact and even invade your body’s own cells. 

Reinforcing Your Immune System

It is important to take care of your immune system. Make sure it is strong and healthy so that it will take care of you.

There are a few ways you can protect and strengthen your immune system.

You can eat more greens, stay hydrated and exercise regularly. Read more on how you can strengthen your immune system here.