Antioxidants and anti-ageing are two terms that are often used hand-in-hand.

Many people consider antioxidant foods to be allies in achieving flawless skin with fewer wrinkles, but the fact is that they play a critical role in our bodies that extends well beyond aesthetics. 

Skin benefits

Antioxidants play a powerful role in skincare, especially when it comes to diminishing the appearance of fine lines and wrinkles.

In preventing the oxidation of cells, antioxidants will effectively protect your skin’s surface from deterioration caused by years of environmental damage.

Health benefits

There are numerous health benefits to antioxidants, including enhancing the immune system, reducing inflammation and oxidation stress which is connected to several chronic, age-related diseases such as diabetes and osteoarthritis.

Antioxidants are produced by the body, but they cannot be produced without the necessary vitamins. 

Vitamins that aid in the prevention of ageing include: 

  • Curcumin
  • CoQ10 
  • Collagen
  • Resveratrol
  • Vitamin C
  • Vitamin E

For people with health conditions such as osteoarthritis, dementia and diabetes, it is recommended that they increase intake levels of vitamin D and E to boost immune function.

Low-level chronic inflammation causes oxidative stress in the body, which contributes to a variety of chronic diseases. Antioxidants such as curcumin, resveratrol, and CoQ10 are effective in stimulating the immune system and help to minimise inflammation.

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Meridian Massage is an ancient Chinese medical technique that incorporates various Chinese medicine and acupressure treatments to enhance health and relieve health issues.

It is also an alternative form of non-invasive medication to treat musculoskeletal disorders and help to relax body muscles.

The soothing and relaxing massage is effective for treating sports injuries, stress, insomnia, migraines, as well as improving our digestion, blood and lymphatic flow. 

An authentic meridian massage is performed by a well-trained therapist to stimulate the meridian lines within our body ‘paths’ where energy flows through. The paths are circulatory and exist in corresponding pairs circulating blood, nutrients, and energy throughout the body.

In total, there are 12 main meridian lines that connect with major internal organs within the body, located on the lungs, large intestine, small intestine, stomach, spleen, heart, bladder, kidney, pericardium, triple warmer, gallbladder, and liver meridian lines. In Western medicine, a particular study about Bioelectromagnetics defines the meridian lines as ‘special conduits for electric signals’.

Generally, meridian massage should be practiced consistently on a weekly basis to promote optimal blood flow and energy circulation within the body. For individuals who have new sports or musculoskeletal injuries, it is advisable for them to have a meridian massage within the week.

Meridian massage techniques consist of tapping, pushing, pinching, stretching, and kneading on the body to apply the medical effect on us through our body tissues. 

What makes a meridian massage different from a common massage is that all the massage techniques are applied in a systematic order based on the meridian lines within the body.

With the correct technique and precise application, a meridian massage can help enhance overall health and wellbeing as well as stimulating our body’s ability to heal itself. 

These days, there are many skincare junkies on social media who encourage followers to build a solid routine. They promote a never-ending layering of essences, serums, creams and sunscreens, all for the sake of achieving flawless skin.

However, mindlessly slathering on products won’t always give us the results we’re looking for. Some combinations of popular skincare ingredients can do more harm than good by potentially causing breakouts, dryness, and other irritations. 

Be sure to refrain from combining the following ingredients together.

Benzoyl Peroxide + Retinol 

Applying benzoyl peroxide, an infamous acne treatment, along with retinol can possibly oxidise the retinol, thus reducing its efficacy.

Vitamin C + AHAs or BHAs

Using this combination in your skincare routine can seriously irritate dry or sensitive skin because AHAs will alter the Vitamin C’s pH level and decrease its antioxidant properties.

Retinol + Exfoliants

Retinoids are great for exfoliating your skin. Adding another layer of exfoliants may leave your skin raw and increase the chance of irritation.

Oil-based + Water-based

We all know oil repels water. Hence, using an oil-based skincare product will leave a film on your skin, which prevents water-based formulas from being absorbed. 

Glycolic Acid + Salicylic Acid

Both ingredients are great for removing dead skin cells from the outer layer of your skin. Mixing the two, however, will cause a major reaction and strip your skin. 

The Takeaway

The skincare world is continuously evolving and creating more efficient products. It is understandable to be tempted to try everything. 

Remember to always make sure that the products and ingredients you’re incorporating in your routine work well together so you can use them effectively and avoid possible irritations.

Do you know of any other skincare ingredients that we should all avoid? Share with us by commenting below!