External counter pulsation, also commonly referred to as ECP, is an FDA and MOH-approved treatment available in Danai Medi-Wellness. It is a natural, non-invasive, non-surgical and painless outpatient treatment that works in harmony with your heart, improving blood circulation throughout your heart muscles and organs.

ECP treatment also helps minimise or eliminate discomforts relating to coronary artery diseases, such as angina and chest pains. It also helps with diabetes, high blood pressure, edema (body swelling), chronic fatigue, and impotence. People who have suffered from strokes or are obese can benefit from ECP too. 

With that, let’s get into further details of an ECP treatment.

  1. Before undergoing an ECP treatment, you must first undergo a comprehensive medical profile with an echocardiogram to ensure they are free from any contraindications 
  1. To avoid skin irritation from the cuffs used during the treatment, it is best to wear clothes that are tight-fitting and elastic.
  1. Avoid wearing dresses or skirts to the treatment. This is because the treatment would be administered through three pairs of external inflatable cuffs applied around the buttocks, upper legs and lower legs. Hence, pants would be a more suitable option instead.
  1. Stay calm and relaxed. The experience is a comfortable one, resembling a heavy hug rising upwards from your calves to your thighs and buttocks.
  1. Allocate enough time. A session takes one to two hours, and the overall treatment is usually administered 5 days a week for up to 7 weeks.
  1. Individuals with deep vein thrombosis (blood clot within a blood vessel), phlebitis (inflammation of a vein), or uncontrolled arrhythmia (altered heart rhythm) are not encouraged to go for ECP treatment.
  1. Pregnant women and anyone with high blood pressure, an elevated heart rate, or heart valve disease should avoid this treatment.

If you’re eligible, give your wellness a boost with ECP – healing hearts with zero drugs, zero surgery. Book an appointment with us and start enjoying the benefits from the very first session. Visit https://danaimediwellness.com/ for more details.

Good health is essential to our overall well-being and happiness. After all, health and happiness are inextricably linked, and living a happier life comes naturally with good health. If we look and feel better, we will surely do better.

The word ‘health’ refers to a state of emotional and physical wellness. Being at our optimal state of health allows us to live life to the fullest. Access to healthcare and education about healthy lifestyle are also important. 

Holistic health is key to overall good health

Other than exercising and a balanced and varied diet, stress management, a positive mindset, and a supportive network of people in your life all contribute to a more balanced and healthy self. After all, good health should not be defined solely by the absence of illnesses alone. Maintaining good health also matters because success and financial riches are meaningless without it. 

Beyond the physical and mental aspects

Besides mental and physical health, spiritual and financial health contributes to our overall health as well. Making additional efforts to care for these aspects will naturally lead to improved mental and physical well-being. Medical treatments may be required at times to help us achieve a better balance, which is perfectly normal as we are all differently built.

Good health: more important than ever in these times

Maintaining good health matters more than ever these days as it helps us fight off diseases and infections. Our immune systems must be strong in order to protect us from anything harmful. In short, while good health has always been important for our overall quality of life, it is now more important than ever.