The post-pandemic setting has beckoned a lot of new changes. As we gear up to welcome a new year, why not transform your appearance by switching up your hair colour according to the latest trends? 

Your favourite beverages seem to be serving as the inspiration of the day. Here’s a sneak peek at what 2022 has to offer!

Oolong Milk Tea

The love for milk tea has now transformed into a popular hair colour. Two hues are mixed to create a  beautiful creamy colour that resembles milk tea. This hair trend offers an ombré look that is neither too warm nor too cold. 

Blueberry Espresso

You can never go wrong with blue highlights on brownish hair. This hair trend is ideal for those who love experimenting with fascinating colour combinations. Add a touch of blue using the balayage technique to create an alluring look. 

Choc Nut Martini

This is one of the ever popular balayage trends that uplifts your look in an instant. The brown hue with soft beach waves gives out a mysteriously charming vibe. 

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