Do you know the secret behind Queen Cleopatra’s beauty? She was said to have slept every night in a pure gold mask!

Throughout history, gold has been admired for its spectacular beauty and medicinal properties. In fact, gold facials are said to restore the skin’s natural radiance. 

Enter Danai Wellness’ Luxury Gold Intense Facial Therapy. Perfect for those with sensitive, acne-prone or pigmented skin, this facial therapy moisturises skin and heals any type of oxidation damage.

The  facial includes the use of 24K (99.99%) pure gold leaf mask and serum, which is exceptional in maintaining skin elasticity. This gold mask encourages cell development in the skin’s deepest layer, which improves skin firmness and gives your skin the instant glow.

Being naturally rich in antioxidant properties, gold also protects the skin from environmental pollutants and UV rays. The ion exchange increases cell renewal and aids in the removal of the different contaminants in the skin. 

Gold facials are well-known for lightening the skin complexion and restoring its natural radiance. Additionally, as collagen formation in the body declines as we age, gold facials can help to reduce collage loss to provide us with supple skin. 

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There are many components involved in cultivating a healthy lifestyle, one of which is a proper diet. However, many of us are not getting the nutritional intake that our body needs. The good news is that any dietary gaps we have can be addressed by taking health supplements. But with the proliferation of supplements available, how do we know what would work best?

Introducing Exanutrix α, a range of targeted health boosters designed to fulfill the demands of today’s lifestyles. Formulated in certified compound pharmacies, these high-performance boosters are carefully curated to make it easier for individuals to embrace healthy lifestyle choices, extending a helping hand to those looking to lower their risks of certain diseases, increase their performance and optimise their general wellbeing.

Each Exanutrix α booster focuses on addressing a particular set of health concerns. These encompass heart, liver, brain, immune and sexual health; blood circulation; energy and fitness levels; overall vitality; as well as sleep, hair and skin health.

The Exanutrix α Advantage

Exceptional Goodness

Now you can get all the goodness you need with none of the ‘extras’ that you don’t. Exanutrix α supplements are formulated using high-quality ingredients that do not contain extra flavouring, colouring, preservatives or any other fillers, so you can be sure that each pill you consume is full of nutrients and nothing else! 

 Extreme Versatility

Understanding that each individual is unique with their own unique lifestyle and health requirements, Exanutrix α health boosters are designed so you can mix and match them. This allows you to target various health areas in accordance with your own needs and goals.   

Easy Availability

Your health supplements are just a click away. All you have to do is place your order  and it will be delivered right to your doorstep. If you’re clear about your health goals and what you need to achieve them, you can visit our website at any time to make your purchase. Not sure of what you’re looking for? No worries. Just fill in a simple online questionnaire and our doctor will make the necessary recommendations.  Learn how you can improve your wellbeing now! Visit us at for more info.

We are moving towards a self-care paradigm in today’s world. The emphasis on preventative healthcare appears to be steadily increasing.

The utilisation of Mesenchymal stem cells (MSCs) as a part of preventative healthcare has gained mass popularity. MSCs can be sourced from the bone marrow, adipose tissue and umbilical cord tissue. 

A unique trait of MSCs is that they are self-renewable. Additionally, they have the inherent potential to repair damaged cells and tissues caused by illnesses. They are also able to transform into different types of cells such as bone cells, muscle cells, skin cells and even cartilage cells. These traits make them ideal for regenerative therapy. 

Furthermore, as the MSCs can be manipulated to become specialised cells, they can be used to cure or prevent illness, or even for something as simple as regenerating hair follicles. As a bonus, MSCs have the ability to avoid negative immune responses, which allows for the cells to be transplanted back into the person’s body without fear of bodily rejection or toxicity. Proven to increase the body’s healing capabilities, they are widely used in preventative healthcare.  

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