Did you know that more often than not, your hair is one of the first few things that people will notice about you? It therefore makes sense that you give it the care that it deserves.  

Advantages of Kérastase hair scalp treatment

Maintaining a healthy scalp can be time-consuming, but it is worthwhile to invest in your hair’s appearance for greater radiance and glow. One of the most popular in-salon treatments is the Kérastase Fusio-Dose treatment, which is a customisable treatment designed to address specific hair concerns. During the treatment, a customised blend of highly concentrated active ingredients is combined with a booster and applied to the hair. The treatment is designed to hydrate deeply, repair damage and improve overall hair health.

Kérastase products contain high-quality ingredients such as plant extracts, vitamins and minerals and are known for their nourishing and reparative properties. For example:

a) Kérastase Resistance Bain Force Architecte Shampoo strengthens and repairs damaged hair.

b) Kérastase Nutritive Fondant Magistral Conditioner nourishes and moisturises dry, brittle hair.

c) Kérastase Elixir Ultime Hair Oil provides shine hydration, and frizz control.

A dry scalp can lead to itching and flakiness. Scalp treatments can moisturise the scalp and prevent this from happening. Scalp treatments can also improve hair’s strength and elasticity, preventing breakage and damage.

The difference between at-home and salon scalp treatment

The primary difference between at-home and salon scalp treatments is that salon scalp treatments are more specialised and intensive.

Hair care at home entails daily hair and scalp maintenance such as shampooing, conditioning and styling. This is something that can be done with over-the-counter hair care products like shampoos, conditioners and hair masks.

The Kérastase in-salon experience typically includes a customised consultation with a stylist to assess your hair and scalp needs so they can recommend the appropriate treatment. A combination of cleansing, conditioning and nourishing products, as well as a relaxing scalp massage, may be used in the treatment

As salon scalp treatments are intended to provide more specialised scalp and hair care, you can expect deep conditioning treatments, scalp massages and treatments to address specific hair and scalp concerns, such as dandruff, hair loss and dryness.

Overall, the Kérastase in-salon experience is intended to provide a luxurious and radiant hair care treatment that addresses specific hair and scalp issues, leaving you with healthy, beautiful hair.
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