Within each individual’s body, the nervous system plays a crucial role in controlling automatic or involuntary body functions such as heart rate, blood pressure, breathing and body temperature. A disruption or damage to the body’s nervous system could lead to a drastic reduction in one’s quality of life, from reduced mobility, impairing even simple activities such as walking or stair-climbing, to an increased susceptibility to injuries.

An autonomic dysfunction happens when nerves of the body’s autonomic nervous system are damaged. Some are temporary and reversible while others are significantly more chronic and may even continue to worsen over time without proper care.

An example of a chronic case is diabetic neuropathy, a condition affecting people with diabetes. With diabetic neuropathy, the nerves are damaged throughout the body, causing numbness, tingling or even pain felt commonly in the legs and feet.

A series of recent studies has revealed significant evidence that massages may:

  • decrease blood glucose levels
  • decrease haemoglobin a1c levels
  • improve pain caused by peripheral neuropathy
  • improve diabetic foot ulcers

In fact, children with diabetes who received massages showed significant reduction in their blood glucose levels.

Massages are generally a safe and reliable way, for both people with diabetes and the general public, to relax their body muscles without needing to orally consume any additional medicines. DANAI incorporates Traditional Chinese Medicine (TCM) into modern-day applications to offer its Meridian Zenflow Therapy.

According to TCM principles, every individual encompasses an internal distribution network known as the Meridian system, which facilitates the circulation of energy, nutrients and blood around the body. The Meridian Zenflow Therapy is a unique type of massage that focuses on the meridian points of the body. The massage is conducted by fully trained therapists using DANAI’s proprietary Zenflow Magnetic Qi-Trident tool and essential oils to systematically activate acupuncture points across the entire body. 

This is achieved by putting pressure precisely at the specific pressure points across your body. Consisting of up to five different movements, i.e. tapping, pushing, pinching, stretching and kneading, the massage thoroughly reaches deep into your body tissues.

Consequently, the Meridian Zenflow Therapy also helps to alleviate pain, providing relief by stimulating blood flow around muscles within the body. An increase in blood flow helps to increase the muscle temperature, improving elasticity of muscle fibres, enabling muscles to relax and return to normal. This also helps to provide muscles with an increased level of oxygen and essential nutrients that aid in the repair of damaged muscle fibres and cells.

For the best result possible, the deep-reaching massage should be conducted on a weekly basis in order to promote the optimal blood and lymphatic flow.

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