Being confident in one’s self-image is not as easy as it seems. With the prevalence of body image “ideals” projected on every media platform, it is difficult for us to escape. Our inherent need to compare ourselves to others and the ever-evolving societal beauty standards also make it tough to be confident in our body image. That being said, it is not impossible for us to build our body confidence. The sooner we get on that, the sooner we will get to improve our mental and physical wellbeing.  

Here are 5 tips that will help boost your body confidence: 

Redirect your focus

Despite having hectic lifestyles, we all need to practise having a healthy and balanced exercise routine. Be it having a gym subscription, playing group sports or even partaking in Youtube workout challenges at home, any form of exercise is beneficial for you. Many people have this perception that the sole purpose of working out is to attain their ideal body shape in a short period of time and when that doesn’t happen, most tend to give up.

Yes, continuous workouts may help you achieve that but that’s not all there is to it. This is why you may need to redirect your focus when you exercise. Instead of focusing solely on achieving results, you should focus on how exercising makes you feel. This way, you will grow to love and enjoy exercising even more which will result in long-term results. 

Surround yourself with positive people

It is true what people say about how positivity brings about more positivity. We tend to pick up energy from the people around us so if we surround ourselves with positive people, we will learn to have a more positive and happy outlook on life. It is important to choose your circle of friends wisely. If you feel that the people around you are negative and constantly bring you down, it’s probably time to reconsider the relationship. You should invest in the people who love you, not those who scrutinise your every little detail. Positive people can also influence us to become better versions of ourselves.

Broaden your expertise

Have you been eyeing that lemon meringue recipe? Interested in picking up a new musical instrument? Or even volunteering at your nearest animal shelter? Well, now is the time to start getting into that. Find something that piques your interest and learn something new and exciting over the weekend. Finding a hobby that you enjoy can be really beneficial to your life and  it has been proven that hobbies are instrumental in relieving stress. Through hobbies, you get to feed yourself with new experiences while also doing something productive during your leisure time. People who partake in hobbies are also often happier and have a better sense of belonging thus, increasing their self-confidence. 

Express yourself

Most people have had doubts about their self-image at one point in their lives. It is normal and can be considered a part of life. However, if this behaviour prolongs, it can be mentally taxing. One of the ways to boost your body confidence is to express yourself. Find someone trustworthy to talk to. It is important to talk about self-esteem issues and how it is affecting you to someone you trust, whether it is to a family member, friend, a significant other, or your therapist. Finding the right person to have a heart-to-heart can significantly improve your confidence and life.

Adopt affirmations

Another way to boost your body confidence is to adopt positive affirmations. One way you can start doing that is by saying positive things to yourself in the mirror everyday. Think about all your favourite attributes and start complimenting yourself. When you start doing this, you will learn to appreciate and love your body even. It may be weird when you start but positive affirmations can have a lasting effect on your outlook and confidence.

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