Holistic wellness is a way of life. In facilitating the transformation of individuals as they head down this path, DANAI offers integrated services that focus on three essential elements: preventive health, weight release management and anti-ageing aesthetics. 

As we age, we’ll find ourselves getting plagued by issues like joint pain, thinning hair and loss of skin elasticity and lustre. A good nutritional intake will help to keep these issues at bay. However, everyone is different, and our DNA is no exception. No two people are born with the same genetic code, which plays an instrumental role in determining our body’s demands. As such, one-size-fits-all over-the-counter supplements may not be able to help us bridge our nutritional gaps properly. This is where personalised supplements may be the way to go.  

EXANUTRIX P+, a personalised supplement range that customises your health supplements based on your own health data, provides a more targeted approach to effectively and efficiently address your individual age-related issues in one convenient capsule. These could include enhancing your overall vitality regardless of gender; addressing aesthetical concerns such as uneven skin tone, and hair and skin health; improving bone support; as well as alleviating muscle and joint aches, cardiovascular disease, and kidney and digestion-related issues. 

First, you will undergo a health assessment comprising ExaGene (a DNA Lifestyle Genetic Analysis) and a Comprehensive Blood Screening at Danai Wellness. This helps us to gain a thorough understanding of your current health condition. 

Our in-house certified doctors will then analyse your genetic composition, as well as skin type, lifestyle, health and aesthetic goals and health risks before pairing the precise ingredients for your personalised supplements. This way you are assured of maximum effectiveness and convenience. 
Build an ultimate anti-ageing regime today! Visit www.exanutrix.com for more info.

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