The therapeutic hot stone massage is one of our specialty spa treatments that promotes deep relaxation and ease muscle stiffness. This treatment involves using flat, smooth and warm rocks placed on specific points of your body to relax tired and aching muscles.  The stones act as an extension to the hands of your therapist, as they apply light pressure through movements such as long strokes, circular motions and kneading during the session. 

Here are some benefits from getting a hot stone massage.

Relieves muscle tension and pain

Stress and tension can work its way into our  muscles and joints, manifesting itself in a form of pain and stress-induced disease like ulcers and nervous breakdown. The combination of super smooth stones heated at the right temperature, aromatherapy oils and steady pressure can relieve muscle tensions and pain.

Reduces stress and anxiety

Hot stone massage can be a helpful way for stress and anxiety relief as it promotes deep relaxation. A 2013 study by the NCBI reveals that a single session of massage therapy has a positive effect on hormones in blood that regulate blood pressure and water retention.  

Promotes sleep

beautiful young woman is sleeping in the bedroom

Poor sleep quality can disturb your thoughts, emotions and motivation. A hot stone massage can help you achieve that ultimate good night sleep that benefits your mind and body.    

Increases joint flexibility

Muscle tensions can make moving joints difficult and even painful. A hot stone massage helps relax the muscles and increase joint flexibility, making movements feel more comfortable. For people with certain joint disorders, hot stone massage may benefit them particularly well.

Boosts immunity

A scientific study showed an increase in lymphocytes after a single session of massage. Lymphocytes help white blood cells fight infection in the body.

Strengthen your infection-fighting cell as your stress melts away during a hot stone massage. Book your appointment today and enjoy the ultimate experience of relaxation.

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