Danai Spa has come a long way over the last few years. Since its inception, Danai Spa has been inspired to make wellness a seamless experience for those who prioritise their wellbeing.

Our goal is to become a top-of-mind global wellness brand and to focus much more on creating great customer experiences.

It is a daring statement. 

Hence, we are constantly striving to  innovate and improve the Danai Spa experience.

The New Danai

Ever since the business started 20 years ago, Danai Spa (Crigen Resources Sdn Bhd) has slowly expanded and introduced a range of brands – from Danai Spa to Danai Divine Aesthetics, Danai Zenflow, Danai Medi-wellness, La’gent, and Nikmas.

As a result, Danai Spa has become a Top 3 SPA Wellness Centre in Malaysia accredited by Tripadvisor for 3 years in a row. The achievement sparked our interest in a change to mirror the growth and transformation of our business. 

From Danai Spa to Danai Wellness.

Our new identity, Danai Wellness, acts as a corporate umbrella carrying all the brands that we have developed over the last few years. Danai Wellness has been designed to satisfy all the existing expectations of what our mission is while simultaneously moving the brand forward, bringing extraordinary healing and restorative experiences to our clients.

Each and every single one of our brands bear their own identities and are powerful in their purpose.

Introducing Our Brands Under Danai Wellness

Danai Spa

A luxurious leisure, where you will experience therapeutic massages tailored to your body’s needs. Our spa’s ambience brings you the ideal space for relaxation. Pampering spa supplies such as massage oils, body exfoliation, bath soaks and wraps will release physical tension and leave you in a mental state of clarity. Danai Spa is designed to take care of your physical and mental needs at a spa retreat like never before.

Danai Divine Aesthetics

At Danai Divine Advanced Aesthetics, we are passionate about making you feel beautiful by delivering top-notch beauty services tailored for you. We are well-equipped with technology from Europe and Korea such as OPT, S-LIGHT, HIFU, CARDX LASER, DERMEDICS, CRYOSLIM FREEZE and CAVITATION.

Danai Zenflow

Danai Zenflow is designed to strengthen your well-being by restoring the physical, mental, spiritual realms, and relieving tension associated with stress. 

We aim to enhance your general health and help you recover from sustained injuries with our Meridian Zenflow Therapy.

Danai Medi-Wellness Centre

Danai Medi-Wellness Centre focuses on anti-aging treatments and offers non-surgical treatments that are performed only at a doctor’s practice. The treatment aims to improve general well-being and enhance health prevention. Danai Medi-Wellness Centre prioritises patients’ motivation to lead a sustainable healthy lifestyle.

La’gent by Danai

At La’gent, we provide our customers with seasonal trending cuts and latest styling techniques. Our brand is well-equipped to help you live your day-to-day with confidence blooming from within. La’gent’s modern and stylish hair grooming services consist of hair styling, haircuts, hair colour, highlights, extensions and effective keratin treatments. 


Danai Wellness is an inclusive brand that stands with wellness being made for everyone. Hence, our brand has dedicated a chain-store for our Muslim guests that offers a deluxe spa experience that covers a wide range of halal advanced aesthetic services.  

Last but not least, we want to thank all of our beloved customers that made us even better by giving us suggestions, feedback, sometimes criticisms and most importantly, supporting us in every way possible. 

Danai Wellness would not be here today without all of you. 

Our promise to you is that Danai Wellness will fully commit to improving the wellbeing of everyone through one-of-a-kind experiences.

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