Always feeling tired, lethargic, pain from muscle soreness and backaches?

Well, you’re not alone! 

The common muscle soreness is a side effect of the stress that we put on our muscles when we exercise and this happens when the muscles are required to work harder than they are used to or in a different manner from the usual way. 

On the other hand, sleep deprivation occurs when you do not get sufficient sleep. The National Sleep Foundation Guidelines states that sleep is essential at any age and healthy adults are advised to get between 7 to 9 hours of sleep at night. 

Well think again, do we, as adults, get 7 to 9 hours of sleep every night?  The answer might be a NO.

So, the majority of us today are facing issues of being sleep deprived! Although this may not be a real problem to numerous people but to your actual surprise there are many adverse side effects to this issue. When you are constantly facing sleep deprivations, you are more prone to risks of developing high blood pressure, cardiac arrest, depression, anxiety, impairment to the immune system, and brain function. Now does that sound alarming?

Rest assured, we will now tell you the ways to recover from your muscle soreness and sleep deprivations.

Rest and Recover (Double R Formula)

When your muscles are too strained and inflamed, it can be painful and you don’t want to overwork them more. So, getting sufficient rest is an essential method to recover from your soreness. This same formula applies to those who are tired from being sleep deprived. All you need now is to take a break and get proper hours of sleeping time.

No matter how occupied you are, remember to rest and recover!

Get a Proper Massage

The last thing you want to do is to get a massage by a masseur who is not professional.  

A professional massage will help with muscle soreness, pain, or discomfort. Speak to your therapist about your pain or discomfort, and they will be able to activate your body’s acupressure point which helps to improve blood circulation, stimulates lymphatic movement, and detoxification. 

The recommended Meridian Zenflow Massage helps to restore the physical, mental and spiritual realms and relieve tension associated with stress. This therapeutic massage can facilitate deepening sleep, boosting the immune system, and metabolism.

Far-Infrared Therapy (FIR Therapy)

This may sound foreign to many but you are on the right page to check out what this therapy is all about. The FIR therapy reduces soreness on nerve endings and muscle spasms as muscle fibres are heated. This therapy relaxes your muscles and relieves muscular aches, therefore reduces back, shoulder, and neck pains. In addition, the FIR therapy alleviates tension and stress in both body and mind. 

This therapy comes with many additional benefits to the body as it enhances blood circulation and skin complexion, deeply detoxifying for the improved functioning of major organs in the body and strengthens the cardiovascular system. The Zenflow Far-Infrared Healing Treatment is highly advisable for those with muscle soreness and chronic pain conditions. 

Now, we’ve known a few ways to recover from muscle soreness and sleep deprivations. Ready for your healing therapy? Book your appointment at Danai Wellness today!

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