In the delicate dance between work-life and self-care, finding moments of tranquillity becomes essential. 

Danai Spa, renowned for its commitment to holistic wellness, proudly presents a spa package that promises to transport you to a realm of pure bliss.

The Santorini-by-the-Sea Revitalise Spa offers a symphony of serenity encompassing a Seven Seas Energising Massage, Nutri-Marine Body Polish and Ocean Thalasso Bath.

  1. Seven Seas Energising Massage (90 min)

Dive into the indulgence of our 90-minute Seven Seas Energising Massage, a sensory voyage guided by the adept hands of our skilled therapists. Drawing inspiration from the rhythmic ebb and flow of the seven seas, this massage transcends the conventional definition of a treatment. 

As our therapists intuitively move through the motions, the massage becomes a personalised journey. Beyond the physical aspect, this dance of relaxation taps into the rejuvenating energy of the seas, instilling a profound sense of vitality.

It’s more than just a massage; it’s an artful choreography that revitalises, leaving you in a state of blissful rejuvenation. 

  1. Nutri-Marine Body Polish (30 min)

During the 30-minute Nutri-Marine Body Polish, envision the gentle caress of a sea breeze awakening your senses. This exquisite treatment is a carefully curated experience, where your skin is treated to a delicate exfoliation. As the sea-inspired ritual unfolds, layers of impurities are lifted, revealing the natural radiance that lies beneath.

What sets this experience apart is its richness in marine nutrients. The Nutri-Marine Body Polish goes beyond surface-level rejuvenation; it dives deep into nourishing your skin with the essence of the sea. Enveloped in this marine embrace, your skin absorbs essential nutrients, promoting not just revitalization but a profound sense of nourishment.

Imagine your skin absorbing the ocean’s goodness, reminiscent of the sun-kissed charm of Santorini. The Nutri-Marine Body Polish transcends a typical treatment; it’s an odyssey that bestows upon you a radiant luminosity echoing the innate allure of this Grecian paradise.

  1. Ocean Thalasso Bath (15 min)

Conclude your spa journey with a blissful immersion in our Ocean Thalasso Bath. Enriched with minerals sourced from the depths of the sea, this bath soothes tired muscles and promotes a sense of tranquillity. Allow the calming waters to embrace you, completing the holistic experience and leaving you in a state of pure serenity.

Beyond the physical benefits, this spa treatment experience nurtures your wellbeing on a deeper level. The Seven Seas Energising Massage, Nutri-Marine Body Polish and Ocean Thalasso Bath work in harmony, creating a holistic journey that rejuvenates both body and spirit.