‘Spa and wellness, are they the same?’

‘Is wellness part of the spa, or is the spa part of wellness?’

In recent years, did you notice that there are quite a number of wellness spas popping up in town? And spa centres often use the word ‘wellness’?

Wellness and spa are two separate words and businesses. 

Due to the fact that consumers, today more than ever, want higher quality offers for their money and they are becoming more conscious about their health and quality of life has urged some of the wellness and spa industries to start offering overlapping services that combine wellness and spa activities but the majority failed to convey the right message to consumers.

Hence, the confusion. ‘Spa and wellness, are they the same?’ ‘Is wellness part of the spa, or is the spa part of wellness?’

To clear some of the misunderstandings, below are the differences between Wellness and Spa.

Wellness is a lifestyle

A lifestyle that represents every individual’s desire to achieve total harmony between mind and body.

The term ‘wellness’ was used by Dr Halbert Dunn in 1961. This occurs as a combination of two terms, well-being (being good) and fitness (to be fit), which suggest the focus towards the optimal utilization of individual potential.

The word wellness is commonly used to denote a balanced mind, body and spirit which results in a general sense of well-being.

In order to do that, you will need a healthy diet, regular exercise, and therapies such as acupuncture and bodywork on a daily basis to prevent illness while making your way to a more successful existence.

To put it simply, you are not just surviving, you are thriving. 

The spa is an oasis of détente

The word spa is an abbreviation of ‘Sanus per aquam’, which means ‘health through water’. A spa is relaxation-based and takes place in a pleasant environment where you can go for relaxing experiences. Most spas encompass a wide range of services and experiences which can mean everything from a basic facial and massage to luxurious pampering experiences.

The differences between wellness and spa centres

While you are still having dilemmas as to where you should be going when you have back pain or to pamper yourself, here are some of the fundamental differences between a wellness and spa centre.

  1. Most of the wellness centres provide a wide range of services that are based on medical treatments while the spa is an ideal place for relaxation.
  2. Wellness offers different types of massage, while the spa offers services oriented towards beauty treatments and body care.
  3. Wellness is seen as a necessity while the spa is a luxury. 

Wellness centres are supposed to focus on addressing and improving your health issues. Metaphorically, wellness centres are like a mechanic shop while your vehicle is simply your body, mind and soul.

Regular servicing of your car is vital so that it does not break down easily and reduce the intensity of loss. Similarly, your body deserves the same care, a schedule of regular checkup and preventative maintenance.

At Danai Wellness, wellness and spa are not seen as two stand-alone entities. Rather, the two components are combined dedicated to helping people to feel good about themselves, their health, and their overall well-being.

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