Many people love to colour their hair, and why not? Infusing some colour to your hair – whether subtle or drastic –  is a great way to look younger, trendier or more radiant. Undoubtedly, colouring your hair can totally transform your appearance, and make you happier and more confident. However, have you ever thought about how this could affect your scalp? 

For one, chemicals such as ammonia, MEA (Monoethanolamine), hydrogen peroxide and PPD (Para Phenylenediamine) are typically present in most hair colouring products. These can damage hair roots and irritate the scalp. Ammonia, for example, breaks through the hair cuticle to allow the colour to deposit there. MEA, an alternative to ammonia, while less damaging, has the same effect of opening up the hair cuticle. Apart from scalp irritation, chemical ingredients like PPD may also cause allergic reactions for those with prevalent skin issues.

All this contributes to the weakening of hair stands and the ability of the hair to withstand heat, eventually sucking out the moisture from the scalp. This, in turn, weakens the roots of the hair and causes scalp damage, eventually leading to hair fall. 

This is where scalp treatment can help, more so if you frequently colour your hair. Danai Wellness offers the Kérastase Scalp Treatment, which is a special scalp treatment using the French signature and luxury hair and scalp care line, L’Oréal’s Kérastase. L’Oréal’s Kérastase is regarded as one of the best hair care brands in the world. 

Kérastase Scalp Treatment does not only help to rejuvenate and keep your scalp healthy; it is also a preventive hair treatment method that will ensure the wellness of your precious hair. Among others, this scalp treatment promotes rapid hair growth and volume, regulates scalp sebum, restores hair sheen and elasticity, slows down the deterioration of hair follicles, promotes oxygen flow to the hair follicles and increases the absorption rate of the scalp.

Give your scalp the luxurious professional care it deserves whilst also enhancing your crowning glory. Make your booking for the best scalp treatment at our website today! 

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