As time passes, signs of aging become more obvious. There are numerous ways to regain a more youthful appearance, one of which is the thread lift. This is an advanced cosmetic procedure that uses temporary medical-grade threads to lift the skin and achieve a younger looking face. Another method is Rhytidectomy, commonly known as facelift surgery, which is a cosmetic surgical procedure to remove excess skin on the face. 

While both the procedures are appropriate for those with noticeable signs of aging, such as wrinkles, fine lines and sagging brows, there are instrumental differences between them.


Thread lifts are a non-surgical technique that  takes around 20 to 40 minutes. This technique involves the insertion of threads into the skin, which creates tension to give the skin a firmer appearance. On the other hand, facelift surgery is an invasive surgical procedure to remove and lift up the saggy skin of patients. 


Patients who undergo thread lift procedures can bounce back to their normal lifestyle soon after the procedure, with minimal downtime of 24 to 48 hours. Facelift surgery involves the administration of high-dose anesthetics. This necessitates a significant recovery time. For a thorough recovery, medical aestheticians recommend at least two to four weeks.

With the thread lift procedure, patients are subjected to minimal risks such as the possibility of light swelling and bruising. However, facelift procedures are associated with an increased risk of nerve injury, acute infection, or discomfort in the treated regions. 


The results of thread lifts are not permanent, and will last for around one to 5 years. Facelift surgeries, meanwhile, provide permanent results and are not reversible. 


In general, a thread lift procedure is a more cost-effective method compared to facelift surgery. The actual medical fees for both will depend on the medical aestheticians. 

At Danai Wellness, our medical aestheticians use Aptos Thread Lifts with an improved formula, which incorporates hyaluronic acid, collagen, and elastin. This aids in attaining a natural lift and giving your face a revitalised appearance. However, when it comes to reversing signs of aging, a wide range of options are available to choose from. Hence, it is significant to get professional advice from certified medical aestheticians before deciding on the type of procedure to opt for. For more information, contact Danai Wellness today. 

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