Our hair is made up of several layers of protein which is also known as keratin, and it grows from the hair follicles just right underneath the scalp. A healthy scalp ensures healthy hair growth, producing a strong hair structure that is shiny, moisturised, and not easy to fall off. 

When it comes to hair loss or alopecia, many would have thought it only happens to elderly people, but they are wrong. Believe it or not, hair loss can hit as early as in our 20s for a multitude of reasons, but they are mostly non cicatricial and reversible. 

Our hair is something people usually take for granted until they start losing it, but it is never too late to start practicing hair loss prevention. Here are a few simple tips to get into throughout the year to prevent and restrict hair loss.

Investing in specialty hair care products

Most ordinary hair care products consist of strong chemicals that are harsh on the scalp, which will ultimately result in hair loss. Investing in high-quality hair products can help to keep hair healthy and promote hair growth. Hair products that are specially formulated as a preventive solution for specific hair concerns like hair loss do help soothe scalp irritation, reduce scalp inflammation, and stimulate hair growth. 

Having a well balanced diet

What you eat is what you become, eating a well-balanced diet that is rich in protein and nutrients can help reduce the risk of hair loss, and also promote optimal hair growth. Consuming more protein will help our body to produce more keratin which protects and strengthens the structure of our hair. 

Consume multivitamin supplements

Multivitamins are supplements that contain many different vitamins and minerals to help fill in the potential gaps in the diet of what people may have missed from their meals.  

  • Vitamin A, B, C, and D are essential in prolonging the life cycle of hair, rejuvenating the cells to increase the growth rate of hair, as well as helping the scalp produce more sebum which acts as a protective layer to shield the scalp and hair. 
  • Minerals like iron, zinc, and selenium are also responsible for preventing hair loss and support healthy blood supply to revitalise aged cells in the body.

Avoid wearing tight hairstyles 

Traction alopecia is probably the easiest one to prevent by just avoiding excessive hair management with tight hairstyles. The key here is to keep the stress on the hair follicles as low as possible.

  • Hair braiding is one of the most damaging styling techniques for hair health. Braids that are too tight will put immoderate tensile stress on the hair follicles which will gradually weaken them and eventually lead to hair loss. 
  • Ladies are suggested to regularly change their hairstyles alternating between braids, ponytails, or just wearing the hair down. 

Have a regular scalp treatment

Preventing hair loss is always more effective than treating the issue when it happens. Regular scalp treatments in salons or using hair masks at home are among the most effective hair loss prevention practices.

A scalp treatment is usually based on scientific research for the purpose of improving the condition of the scalp, providing a healthy environment for your hair growth.

Avoid hot showers

Hot showers are warm and comfortable but can be more damaging to our hair than we know. Water at high temperatures can wash away the essential oils that protect our hair and scalp, therefore causing inflamed and dry scalp which will eventually result in hair loss. 

Share with us if you have any better tips to prevent hair loss in your early 20s in the comment section below!

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